Discounted Insurance Rates Through AMS

Now more than ever, IFM is dedicated to supporting clinicians in the practice of functional medicine. To that end, we have collaborated with a malpractice insurance company to provide reduced rates on malpractice insurance along with practice support to IFM-trained clinicians at all stages of their functional medicine journey.

You know that medical malpractice insurance is a crucial factor in the balance sheet for practicing clinicians. But did you know that functional medicine physicians overall have a historically low rate of malpractice claims against them?

The low rate of claims against functional medicine physicians may be attributable to several factors, including:

  • A deeper bond and sense of trust formed between functional medicine clinicians and patients.
  • A lower number (and risk) of procedures performed by functional medicine clinicians.

Lower claims volume generally results in lower costs for medical malpractice premiums when compared to other medical and surgical specialties, at least among medical insurers who understand what functional medicine is. Of course, not every insurance company understands functional medicine. It is obviously beneficial for a functional medicine provider to partner with an organization that understands functional medicine, that will charge lower premiums based on this knowledge, that can help anticipate what types of claims might be encountered, and that can help you lessen this risk.


Once such company is Applied Medico-Legal Solutions Risk Retention Group (AMS RRG). In 2017, AMS RRG acquired the rights to an organization that had several functional medicine physicians as clients. They worked to understand the practice and developed strategies to recognize practice patterns that may trigger some of those rare functional medicine claims.

Cost Savings for IFM Members, practitioners who have completed AFMCP, and IFM Certified Practitioners

AMS RRG recognizes the value of IFM training, so in addition to the already lower premiums for functional medicine practitioners, they are providing a further discount to physicians who are members of IFM or are IFM-trained practitioners:

  • IFM Members who are eligible physicians: $245 discount
  • Practitioners who have completed AFMCP: 5% discount
  • IFM Certified Practitioners: 7.5% discount

This can equal up to a maximum of $2,000 of savings in premium price for physicians.

Practice Guidance

IFM is happy to provide a connection with an organization that can also help guide physicians in developing their new functional medicine practice. This includes:

  • Sharing insights into the proper use of informed consent forms and documented protocols.
  • Providing guidance on techniques that are considered higher risk for malpractice claims.
  • Advising clinicians on how advancements in the field may lead to increased safety or increased risk.

IFM wants clinicians at all stages off their functional medicine career to be able to benefit from practicing medicine in a way that prioritizes the physician-patient relationship and has a history of lower claim activity.



This is not a paid advertisement. IFM does not make any representations as to the suitability of any information provided by Applied Medico-Legal Solutions Risk Retention Group (AMS). IFM shall not be held liable nor responsible for any acts arising out of the future relationships with Practitioners and AMS.  Practitioners shall hold harmless IFM from any and all claims, loss or damage, liabilities and costs, including attorney’s fees, as a result of participation with AMS.